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Trade & Marketing

Again, we hold sway in this domain thanks to our infrastructure, workforce and our ability to handle the logistics these operations entail. The sprawling warehouses owned by us have come in handy to stock electrical equipment like;

Ring Main Units
Switch Gear Panels
Termination and Jointing Kits.
Cable Accessories
Cable Laying and Electrical Installation Tools & Machinery
and various electromechanical accessories in large numbers

It is the sheer size and sweep of our operations that have made world major manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment to forge an alliance with us in the emirates, For instance we are the authorised distributors of

SGB Transformers, A premium Brand from Germany.
MR Germany a world leading on load tap changers
MV & HV Switchgear from Schneider Electrical.
Power Cables (BICC) of Malaysia
EXICAST Busway systems from Malaysia.


250-1500 kVA Distribution Transformers

11 kV Ring Main Unit SF6 MG
11kV SE6 Disconnector Switch SF6
11kV Bus Section SF6 MG
11kV  Ring Main Unit Oil Lucy
11kV Fuse Switch
11kV Oil Switch

11kV Vacum Circuit Breaker Panel Joints and Terminations
11kV/33kV PILC/XLPE Indoor/Outdoor Joints/Termination

LV/MV/HV/Control Cables
4C x 10 Sq mm to 1C x 630 Sq mm Cu XLPE/SWA/PVC 3C x 95 Sq mm to 300 Al/Cu /SWA/XLCP/PVC

25-300 Sq mm Cu Lugs
70-300 Biletallic Strip Lugs
70-630 Sq mm Cu/Al Ferrules
300-400 Sq mm Al Bimetallic Lugs

Earth Rod 4F x 5/8
Earth Rod coupler for 5/8
Earth Rod Clamp “”U””
Earth Fault Indicator
Earth Pit
Earth Rod 8Fx20mm

OH Line Materials
100 Sq MM ACSR Conductor Wires
11kV Wooden Pole Stout
11kV XArm
11kV Pin Insulator
11kV Disc Insulator
Stay Wire
Stay Rod
Stay Block
LV Wooden Pole
11kV Dorp Out Fuse
11kV Lighting Arrestor
U channel
Tie Strap
Nut and Bolt 2’’
Nut and Bolt 12’’ 8’’ 2’’
Meter Box with MCCB

11kV Pin Insulators
11kV Pin of Pin Insulators
11kV Disc Insulator
11kV Disc Insulator Big
11kV Tension Clamp of  Disc Insulator
11kV Lighting Arrestor
11kV Section XArm
11kV Intermediate XArm
11kV  Twisted TieStrap
11kV Stay Rod
11kV Stay Wire
11kV Stay Insulator
U channel for PMT
Tie Strap for PMT
C Channel 41x41
11kV Pole Top