Electrical Infrastructure and Commissioning

SCAN Electromechanic across-the board experience includes in Medium-Voltage & High-Voltage electrical infrastructure and commissioning.

SCAN Electromechanic provides High Voltage System Installation services for electrical power distribution and transmission, from initial design through installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair, to final decommissioning.
Our nationwide team of MV and HV construction experts, MV and HV commissioning engineers and MV and HV electrical technicians offers an extensive range of knowledge and experience within the power industry, and specifically in the construction and testing and commissioning of HV and LV plant and assets. With a unique heritage, our knowledge in power engineering allows us to develop unique solutions for electrical distribution networks and protection systems. We are considered the best services provider in UAE, GCC and Mena Region for MV and HV system installation.

SCAN ELECTROMECHANICAL offers end to end solutions in Electrical Installations of all types.

From installation of specific equipment to a more detailed and complex site development, our expertise in the field of high voltage distribution networks extends to the systems and equipment employed to protect them, providing complete reassurance of safety and integrity. We support both underground and overhead line cabling schemes; major high voltage underground cabling schemes incorporating excavation, cable laying, reinstatement and jointing and overhead line installation, incorporating pole mounted transformers.

Our Expert Engineering Teams can Provide you with

  • Full design and installation project package.
  • Assistance in liaising with your Regional Electricity Company.
  • An alternative price to the DNO costs for a new electrical connection to site (EME Power Connections).
  • Costed proposals including any alternative options identified.
  • Guidance on any likely affects to the Regional Electricity Company’s network.
  • Turnkey installation.
  • Commissioning.
  • Ongoing maintenance and system support.

We are your business partner by offering you our services.

Business expansions or new projects often run in to difficulties as a result of power requirements not being considered until it is too late in the design process. Often this can lead to costly and unnecessary modifications having to be incorporated within the projects plan at a much later date. With our electrical engineering expertise and industry experience, we aim to assist business from the very earliest stages of your project or expansion.

SCAN Electromechanic believes in Quality in its works.

Delivering end-to-end services from electrical reticulation to lighting and power, we conduct refurbishments and upgrades to existing systems and provide maintenance for routine check-ups and long-term contracts. We guarantee efficiency and work cost-effectively while never compromising on quality standards – that’s the SCAN Electromechanic promise.

15 years of experience in the industry.

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We are One and Only Complete High Voltage Services Provider in UAE, GCC and Mena Region.

A key part of delivering safe, reliable and high quality projects for our clients is our ability to provide end to end solutions for electrical construction and electrical testing and commissioning services. We set very high standards of services in the field of High Voltage Electrical installation in UAE, GCC and Mena Region.

We offer a wide range of LV, MV & HV services including:

  • Electrical MV & HV construction (primary and secondary).
  • Electrical LV, MV & HV testing (primary and secondary).
  • Electrical MV & HV maintenance (primary and secondary).

Our In House Tools and Equipment.

We successfully test and commission large High Voltage electricity infrastructure projects, utilizing our highly skilled and experienced in-house employees, together with the necessary in-house tools and equipment, including:

  • Omicron CPC 100 primary test system
  • Omicron CMC 356 relay test system
  • VLF test set for cable integrity testing (VLF-12011CMF)
  • Phoenix High potential equipment for dielectric withstand, IR and leakage current testing
  • Megger 200A resistance measurement system
  • CB-200 capacitance meter
  • Doble F6150 secondary test set for automated and manual single and three-phase secondary injection
  • A range of digital multi-meters

Our Major EPC Projects