Underground Cable Installation and Distribution

Turnkey Solutions for Underground Power-line Installation, Maintenance, Distribution and Accessories

High-voltage cable systems are the backbone of electrical energy supply. Technically sophisticated high-voltage cable solutions are needed for both mega-cities and the expansion of the power supply. SCAN Electromechanic has customized services in its portfolio to meet this requirement.

SCAN Electromechanic is specialized in Underground installation of High and Low Voltage cables for new connections, cable diversions or network reconfiguration on distribution networks up to 33kv, this includes underground cable installation (with pilots & SCADA as required) for private networks, directional drilling, on private land. Where required, SCAN Electromechanic can offer its own approved civil contractor for all excavation and reinstatement works for underground cable installation. We offer complete solution in Underground Hi-Voltage transmission lines installation

is leading the Underground Hi-Voltage Cabling Solution.

Electricity is delivered to end-users optimally without interruption, balancing rising demand for power with increasing concern for the environment. In case there is no available overhead route can be found, underground cables are an alternative solution for section of lines. Close to cities, industrial areas, wind farms – everywhere, where EHV/HV voltages cannot be transmitted via overhead lines, that’s where underground cables are used. Just as for overhead line construction, we are also a skilled and experienced partner in constructing EHV/HV cables systems. We have expertise in planning, supplying, installing and commissioning transmission lines.

SCAN has capacity to handle projects of underground cable installation and distribution of Power and Optical Fiber.

SCAN has gained position as a leader in the expanding field of underground transmission voltage cable installation. From our top management team to our onsite supervisors and skilled craftsmen, SCAN Electromechanic has the technology, experience, equipment and professionalism to guarantee a successful execution of your high voltage cable project.

SCAN can performs both the civil and electrical installation packages and can also furnish the cable and termination materials or even a complete EPC design/build package through proven relationships with engineering and cable-manufacturing partners. We provide factory-trained splicer and have invested in an extensive inventory of specialized equipment for reel handling, cable pulling, cable pushing and manhole environment conditioning.
We provide the customer with extensive quality assurance and quality control procedures and documentation. We reliably realize projects all over UAE, GCC and Mena Region — whether it’s in partial deliveries or a complete package. We are also at your disposal for maintenance tasks and for fault clearing. We deal in not only High voltage power transmission underground installation and distribution but we have proven track in the field of Communication as well. We’re fully trained to work on Optical Fiber whether it is underneath the earth or in the deep blue waters, we offer the best solution to our clients regarding communication sector of UAE, GCC and MENA Region.

We Offer Best Services to Our Clients

  • Planning and Routing
  • Complete Civil engineering Services
  • Assembly Services and Steel Construction
  • Network Services
  • Cable laying
  • Communications Engineering
  • Electrical Cable Fault Finding
  • Low-Voltage and High-Voltage Cable Jointing and Hauling

We have Extra Ordinary Mechanism for Pulling and Laying Cables

  • Adjustable max pulling tension up to 45,000 lbs, 6,500′ 3/4″ swaged pull line
  • Adjustable max pulling tension up to 21,000 lbs, up to 4,500′ swaged pull line
  • Electronic Tracking every foot of the cable’s installation for: Pull Speed, Tension and Footage

SCAN Believes in its Reel Handling Equipment.

  • Motorized Hydraulic 100-Ton Reel Caddy – Custom designed, 200,000 lb. caddy with payout feature as well as pullback capabilities. Flange diameters 10 to 16 feet.
  • Motorized Hydraulic Self-Load Reel Cart – Custom designed and built 125,000 lb. self-loading reel carts with payout feature as well as 6,000 lbs. of pullback capabilities
  • Specialized Reel Caddys – For handling reels over 10′ wide or exceeding 15′ in height and weighing up to 200,000 lbs, SCAN has custom-made reel caddys that offer 100% control during installations.

15 years of experience in the industry.

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27 years of experience in the industry.

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SCAN Electromechanic Does Hard Work with Great Ease.

  • Cable Pushers – Capabilities of assisting cable pulling by means of cable pushers with up to 1,000 lbs of assistance
  • Roller Systems – SCAN has several different roller systems which we incorporate in installations as needed. Utilizing these systems, we are able to handle the cable without violating the bend radius or damaging the cable.

Our Major EPC Projects