Electrical Substations Installation / Commissioning

SCAN Electromechanic offers the best services in Installation and Commissioning of High-Voltage Electrical Substations.

There are several critical decisions that must be made during the design of any high voltage electrical substation. Location, environment, grounding protection, switchgear – all of these must be considered to ensure that the substation is secure, reliable, and cost-effective serving UAE, GCC and MENA Region, SCAN Electromechanic has the engineers and experience to design and installs sub-stations efficiently from start to finish. We undertake the installation of HV and EHV substation. We have trained engineers, supervisors and skilled technicians to undertake the installation works including cabling and termination with the help of sophisticated tools and equipment’s.

We offer each and everything regarding Electrical substation installation and commissioning.

SCAN Electromechanic has designed, engineered, built, performed construction review of, and commissioned dozens of substations and several switching stations throughout in UAE, GCC and MENA Region. We provide complete engineering services for substations – from concept to completion – as well as ongoing support and maintenance.
Our electrical substation construction and maintenance division is a full service substation contractor specializing in all aspects of 30kV to 500kV substation construction from turnkey Greenfield construction to retrofit work. We upgrade existing facilities and work with your experts to install state-of-the-art equipment.
We provide all manpower, safety personnel and project management to ensure quality control and a successful project, completed in a timely, safe and environmentally conscious manner. SCAN Electromechanic’s civil; surveying, MEP, and fire protection engineering services are a complement to our power delivery and planning services and provide a comprehensive menu of solutions for our clients. We can assist with engineering design and improvements for our utility clients’ administration Services we offer include:

  • Substation layout.
  • Site selection and planning.
  • Surveying.
  • System protection and protective relaying.
  • SCADA and substation automation.
  • Commissioning and Testing.
  • Energization.
  • Civil grading, earthwork, and storm drain management.

We offer various services regarding installation and commissioning.

SCAN Electromechanic Substation Projects Department has installed , tested and commissioned various types of, MV and HV substations in UAE, GCC and MENA Region. These substations are vary from standard 4 panel and 6 panel Ring Main MV substations to very sophisticated substations involving complicated control schemes. More than 2500 MV substations are installed, commissioned and satisfactorily operating over the last 25 years. SCAN Electromechanic has installed, tested and commissioned many tailor made Electrical Switchgears in various countries in the Gulf.

The installations involve equipment like 132kV Switchgear, 11kV Switchgear with Double Bus bar / Single Bus bars, 132/11kV 30MVA Transformers, 33/11/0.415 kV Transformers up to 20 MVA, all types of Low Voltage Boards, Motor Control Centers, Power Control Centers, Battery Chargers, 400kV / 300kV / 132kV / 11kV Control Panels, On Load Tap Changer, Pilot Cable Marshalling Cabinets, Local Control Cubicles for 132kV Gas Insulated Switchgears and Cabling.

SCAN Electromechanic Installation, Testing and Commissioning Engineers are specially trained to handle any types of panels and substation involving primary and ring main substation with the latest Protection Relays and Control Schemes.

We are the best in High – Voltage Electrical Substations Installation.

SCAN Electromechanic specializes in building Electrical Substations up to 230kV. Our teammates are highly trained to work safely around energized facilities whether in new construction environments or when making modifications to existing substations. Our priorities during working on a substation are:

Substation installations

Substation installations and modifications through 230,000 Volts.


Switchgear Installations through 35,000 Volts.

Transformers and Breakers

Transformers and Breakers are Furnished and installed.

Substation Bus Solution

Overhead Welded Substation Bus.

Oil Containment System

Effective and Reliable Passive Oil leak and Spill Management Solution

Relay Panel

Control and Relay Panel Wiring.

Repairing Equipment

Repairing Equipment in Energized Substations.

Unit Substations

Isolated Phase Bus power Duct through 35,000 Volts.

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